Adrienne Smillie My Story


Living Your Dream – Your Way
by Adrienne Smillie

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An inspiring story of Passion, Persistence and Purpose


Download a copy of my eBook ‘Living Your Dream – Your Way’

About The Author

A number 1 International best Seller, ‘Living Your Dream, Your Way’ – Tells 12 stories of Inspiration, Passion, Persistence and Purpose.

In the book, you get the opportunity to have an in depth look at the person you have come to for help in some area of your life.

A globe trotter at an early age, Adrienne had a very cultural childhood. There was much time spent pondering the world around her and considering how the human race fitted with nature.  It’s no wonder she became a practitioner of natural therapies.

But all was not plain sailing for Adrienne. In her chapter you’ll discover how you can rise above your past, and through continual education, pursue a passionate and empowering future.

You see, Adrienne refused to be defined by her past.

Why is this so important?  For one thing, it’s the past!

Yes, it happened, but she didn’t live there anymore.

Through activity, following influential people, Adrienne learned to shape her future. She learned through the knowledge and experience of her mentors.

Her natural giftedness combined with the knowledge she gained from her evergreen thirst to learn more, has allowed her to forge a business, which not only helps others, but provides for her as well.

An action taker, a student, a natural healer, who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.

This is what drives Adrienne to continually expand her studies in many areas of Natural Health, so that she can be the best that she can be.

If, after purchasing and reading Adriennes story, you want to read some more inspirational journeys, connect with Adrienne via the contact form, and she will send you the complete book in hard copy, for FREE!   ( p&p $8.30 )


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