Daily 6


Daily 6

The daily six are given in Video format and are designed for anyone.   Even if you’ve never stretched before, and no matter your age, these are a great starting point.


Daily 6 StretchesThe Daily 6  With Adrienne

The videos that are included in this purchase are as below:
Please listen to my Introductory video HERE

The daily six are designed for anyone.   Even if you’ve never stretched before, and no matter your age, these are a great starting point.

If you do these simple exercises every day for 3 weeks, I can pretty much guarantee, that you will feel like you have a different body from the one you started with!

In the 6 videos I demonstrate each exercise clearly and slowly so that you know exactly what to do. Rewind & play as many times as you need to get each exercise correct.  Form is very important when stretching.

If you have any issues or don’t quite ‘get’ something, please connect with me via   CONTACT ME

As you progress, and these exercises become ‘EASY!!’ connect with me again to discuss what your goals are, and I can get you more videos to take you to ‘The Next Level.’

Video 1. The Bow

BowThis is a great exercise to do if you have a job that has you standing for long periods, e.g. Barista, Security Guard.
OR, just sitting all day.

The stretch works wonders for helping to relax neck & shoulders, relieve aches in the lower back, and really gives the hamstrings a good workout.


Video 2. Side Bend

Side Bend

Doing this exercise will stretch the entire side of the torso from armpit to hip.

This allows greater movement and flexibility which in turn decreases the chance of injury through torn or strained muscles.



Video 3. Lying Rotation

Lying Rotation

A must do stretch for those people who spend most of their time seated in front of a work station.

This will mobilise the hips, lower back and the side of the thighs so that standing after a long period of being seated, will be a lot less uncomfortable.


Video 4. Floor Back Bend

Floor Back Bend

This stretch is excellent for helping to open up the front of the body, and can be helpful in relieving lower back pain.




Video 5. Hip Mobilisation

PiriformisThe Hip Mobilisation stretch is one of those magical things that can have amazing results after just a couple of tries.

People have reported that Sciatica pain they’d had for years just went away. Others have said the same for long term hip pain.

For a simple seated leg stretch, this exercise is a must do!


Video 6. Seated Neck Stretch

Seated Neck

A very simple stretch that can be done as often as you want during the day to help relieve tension in the neck & back muscles.

Its important to get the form correct with this, so please watch the video a few times.



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